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Michelle Woolfrey


Michelle was born and raised in Barrie, ON.  She is currently studying human rights and law at university in Toronto.  In addition to her public speaking engagements, Michelle downhill skis, sails, skydives, travels both domestically and internationally in addition to a host of other activities designed to make her mother's hair go grey.  During the school year Michelle is employed in Student Accessibility Services, assisting students with a variety of disabilities to locate and acquire the services that they need to be successful in the classroom.  

Influenced by a long line of strong women, though her sight loss journey was often disheartening, she fought valiantly to claim her rightful place in the world, her joy and her happiness.  She continues to be an inspiration to those around her - not because of her disability and life experience - but because of her attitude, outlook, upbeat personality and willingness to talk frankly about hard things.  Not afraid to look challenge in the face, her out of the box thought processes are recognized in the unusual way that she solves whatever dilemma is placed before her. 

Diane Woolfrey

Speaker, Administrative Support

Diane was born in Toronto, ON, raised in cottage country and moved to the Barrie area when she married her husband, Phil.  They were blessed with their amazing daughter, Michelle, who changed their lives forever.  She works as a legal assistant with the Department of National Defence, is Secretary of Union of National Defence Employees Union Local 621 and co-chair of the Barrie Visions Gala - Dining in the Dark event which raises funds for Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.  In her spare time, she loves to quilt, bake, and looks forward to a time when her schedule allows her to once again lead a Brownie troop with Guides Canada.  

Teenagers can often be challenging - raising one who was losing her sight and suffering from mental health issues often felt like climbing a mountain for Diane and her husband.  The training wheels came off, the learning curve was straight up, and there was no owners manual.  Discovering ways to recognize and celebrate successes and find lessons in the failures, added an indescribable dimension to their journey as a family.  Sadly, Phil passed away in 2015, leaving Diane to carry on their legacy, honing her ability to continue to refuse to take no for an answer and building her personal joy in the process.